Visa Card commericals

July 10, 2007

Its a cool ad by theme¬† paying in cash!!¬† money shouldn’t slow you down.

This is pretty old one, but done it nicely. Funny Visa commercial with James Bond

some more inner details of this ad is found at here


Google Master Plan

June 14, 2007

Have your wondered about Google, with their Search engine, PageRank, Earth, Gmail, Adsence, Analytics and so on. Everything is for free. This is the master-plan all about the google. This movie is based on the facts from ‘Die Google Story‘ and ‘The Google Story

Don McMillan famous American Comedian, TV Show performer and Hollywood actor, he compiled very interesting humorous video with the name ‘Life After Death by PowerPoint’. I call it as “Dummy’s for (Expert!)PowerPoint Presenter”

Watch the videos at this link